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Becoming an affiliate school with NAPT is the first step in differentiating yourself from the sea of Phlebotomy schools. The NAPT has utilized the latest technology to ensure examinees get their results as quickly as possible after taking the exam. The NAPT system is efficient and accurate with exceptional turn around times ensuring students get into the work force faster. Here is how the NAPT system works:
  1. Apply to become an affiliate with NAPT by clicking the “Register a School” link below.
  2. Once approved as an affiliate, you will just log in and order exams online 3-5 days prior to your exam date
  3. Upon receipt of the exams, a pre-approved proctor will administer the exam to the students.
  4. You will then return the completed exams in the pre-paid priority mail envelope.
  5. The exams will be graded within 24 hours of receipt and scores will be posted online for viewing by the school.
  6. At the same time, students will receive an automated text message and email letting them know their NAPT username and password where they can login immediately and see the results of their exam.
  7. National certificates are mailed daily from our processing center. Most students note receiving their certificate within 3-5 business days of grading.

Everything is simple and streamlined. Why not enhance your accreditation and enrollment process by partnering with NAPT? Schools which offer a national certification as part of their curriculum consistently report an increase in recruitment, retention, and placement.

Having  NAPT as part of your school’s portfolio is easy and will contribute to your school’s success. When NAPT becomes part of your school’s program, the simplicity of the process is immediately visible. With service that is second to none, we’re dedicated to you and your students and to increasing the quality of care for the patient.

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