Why are Proctors Important?

Proctors are 3rd party individuals who play an important role in the adminstration of an examination. They work on behalf of the NAPT as an independent 3rd party. Their role ensures that no one cheats, and that everyone plays by the same rules when taking the examination. Proctors play a vital role in exam security, and are compensated for their time when giving the examination. Proctors do not help students, and are there to keep things organized, honest and within time the alloted time limits of the examination. 

NAPT is always looking for proctors, to register as a proctor in your area, please send an email to [email protected]

Proctor Training Guide

In this training guide, you will learn how to give the NAPT National Phlebotomy Certification Examination. 

Covered in this guide in detail are the following… 

  • What to do before exam day
  • Exam day candidate check-in
  • Starting the exam
  • What to do during the exam
  • What to do after the exam
  • Reporting exam discrepancies and irregularities
  • Live scoring examinees – optional for each examinee
  • Submitting the graded exams to the NAPT
  • Proctor cripts – What to say
  • Reporting any testing irregularities


Proctor Training Video Coming Soon!